Assess and manage chronic liver disease with Velacur

With Velacur, assessing and managing chronic liver disease has never been so easy. Discover how you can transform your practice with the first handheld 3D liver health assessment solution.

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Suitable for any practice

Ease Of Use

Suitable for any practice

Velacur is convenient and accessible for a variety of practice settings. This portable device, which fits into a small carrying case, consists of a handheld ultrasound, a control unit with laptop and an activation pad.

Velacur performs liver scans quickly and provides accurate steatosis and fibrosis measurements for immediate diagnosis. Easy to use and with minimal training, Velacur can be administered by a medical assistant in the comfort of your office for seamless integration into your practice.


Greater reliability and accuracy

Velacur quantifies liver disease with reliability and accuracy comparable to MRI. This non-invasive test combines the power of an MRI with a much larger (30x) and deeper (2x) tissue sample compared to transient elastography.

Using a single probe for all body types, our proprietary technology offers full-liver visualization for absolute confidence when assessing tissue. Side-by-side comparisons with transient elastography show higher concordance of Velacur to MRE for elasticity (fibrosis), and higher correlation to MRI-PDFF for attenuation (steatosis).

Attenuation Graph: Using a linear fit to the MRI-PDFF measurement, Velacur has a much higher correlation in comparison to FibroScan (0.78 versus 0.50) for measuring attenuation.

Elasticity Graph: In comparison to FibroScan, Velacur's fit to the 1:1 line (MRE) shows that Velacur's concordance with MRE is very good (0.78 versus 0.47) for measuring elasticity.


Immediate, in-office results

Velacur delivers rapid results, so you can counsel your patients in real time for more effective and earlier intervention.

Knowing their liver numbers right away will motivate patients to think about their lifestyle, diet and exercise, and this can have a profound psychological effect on their decision making.

Immediate, in-office results

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New revenue stream for practitioners


New revenue stream for practitioners

Along with providing great patient care, Velacur will enhance your practice. With a nominal upfront cost and new revenue stream with 3x greater reimbursement than existing standard of care, practitioners can recoup their investment in a few months. Velacur provides a practical and cost-effective way to assess patients before the onset of advanced liver disease.


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